Why do you write so much?


People ask me why I do daily blogging, and this is the answer

7 Sep, 2022 · 3 min read

A lot of people ask me why I write so much. And I thought this would make an excellent blog post article.

My initial reasoning behind starting this blog was that I didn’t have travel time anymore, and I wanted to use this time I previously spent on travel for something productive.

Hence a daily blog started. However, at one stage, it became the perfect outlet to investigate, try out, and write about things I didn’t have to try at work.

An outlet

Let’s say your day-to-day job includes working on a React codebase, you’ve heard of Remix, but you aren’t going to convert everything at once.

So what better way to try a system out than creating a side project with it? In my case, that side project involves trying the system and working on it. And while I’m at it, I might as well write down my learnings to help other people who also might be considering trying it out.

It helps me improve

Another reason for writing so much is that it really helps me improve. Not just in a technical sense but also a grammatical point of view, an explaining point of view, and dealing with feedback.

It’s a great outlet to learn and grow from.

Let me share some fantastic experiences I had over the time that was only possible due to the blog.

  • Gain technical feedback on articles: I’ve written many articles from my knowledge point of view. People with other points of view come in to share their approaches to solutions which in return makes me see different ways.
  • Gain grammatical feedback: I can tell you with 100% confidence that writing this blog really improved my English typing, as this is not my native language it’s an excellent outlet to become better over time.
  • Explaining topics better: Sometimes, I write articles with a perspective that people will know everything I know. It’s so amazing to get feedback from people who are missing steps which helps me explain specific topics better to them.

This list could go on even more; I’d love to hear from other bloggers about their improvements in writing blogs.

It’s addictive

I won’t lie, doing this daily seems hectic and I really would not recommend it to everyone. But it’s super addictive to me, it’s become a daily routine, and I can’t see myself not doing it.

The central part for me is that it has no incentive. I don’t make money from it. And I don’t gain anything other than personal knowledge. Besides that, I enjoy writing these articles and being able to learn new things in this way.

Would you recommend it?

I would highly recommend writing articles, but find things you want to write about and a schedule that works for you. Don’t overdo yourself. Keep it fun.

If you’re keen to read more about how I manage my writing, this article might help you:

The secret to my writing process.

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