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Lets pimp your GitHub profile today!

5 Aug, 2020 · 2 min read

I find my GitHub profile crucial for being an active developer. Unfortunately, most of my projects are private due to business requirements. But still, it's a showcase of who you are.

So let's dive into pimping your profile but adding a custom readme!

Chris Bongers GitHub

Adding a Readme

Let's start by adding a .readme; this will allow us to create our little teaser of who we are.

To add this readme, visit the following URL and create a new repository.

GitHub New Repo, The name should be the same as your username. (Rebelchris/rebelchris for me).

You will now see an 8-bit giggling GitHub Octocat and the notice you found the unique repository. Make sure to add the .readme here!

Styling your Readme

Of course, it's now up to you to style your readme page; there are some fantastic examples out there!

You can use markdown to style it, and of course, we can use the repo to store images!

For example, I created an asset folder and uploaded it for my header. Then I'm using the following to add it to the .readme.


Another cool thing to add is the GitHub Readme Stats. Follow instructions on the repo to get something like this:


Mine is still very basic at this point, but I'm planning on making it more bespoke.

Some Great Examples

To give you an idea of some great GitHub profiles take a look at these:

GitHub Profile Tools

Other people have made some excellent tools!

What's Yours?

Please send me a message/mail/comment with your readme, and let's build a fantastic collection!

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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