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My development/blogger top 15 Mac apps

28 Sep, 2020 Β· 3 min read

Today we'll be looking at my personal top 15 Mac apps. I'm actually quite a minimalist in installing and keeping apps, so these 15 are the only "extra" apps I'm using on my device.

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  • Multi-device user
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Let's get started with the list.

1. 1Password

1Password for Mac

I literally can't live without 1Password. As developers we tend to make the most awful and bad passwords ourselves. So 1Password to the rescue for generating and managing this for us.

Install 1Password

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Mac

Jeez, Chrome should really be pre-installed. It's the first app I install on my brand new machine! I Can't do my job the same without it.

Install Chrome for Mac

3. Spotify

Spotify for Mac

As a developer and writer, it's essential to get in the zone. What best to do so than Spotify. Listen to a cool podcast or epic playlist.

Install Spotify

4. Spark

Spark for Mac

I use Gmail for most of my email addresses, and Spark is just amazing in keeping track of all these in one maintainable inbox. It's a big advocate for inbox zero, just like me.

Install Spark

5. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code for Mac

I went from Dreamweaver to Atom to JetBrains to Visual Studio Code, and I have zero regrets! It's just fantastic software! Visual Studio Code, for me, is the only good product for Mac Microsoft made.

Install Visual Studio Code

6. iTerm2

iTerm2 for Mac

The default terminal for Mac is not bad, but once you go iTerm2 you can't go back. It's just packed with all those little extra's you'll ever need!

Install iTerm

7. Cyberduck

Cyberduck for Mac

FTP might be a bit old-school, but every now and then we need it. Cyberduck is fantastic and clean, way better than a FileZilla, for instance.

Install Cyberduck

8. Postman

Postman for Mac

I switch between Postman and Insomnia, but Postman is cool because it collaborates well for teams. You can test your API's and keep track of them. I love their environment setups.

Install Postman

9. RunJs

RunJs for Mac

Ever needed to run just a small JavaScript snippet and too lazy to open a project or Codepen. This little app does just that for you.

Install RunJs

10. Notion

Notion for Mac

When it comes to writing and keeping track of my projects, Notion helps me a lot. It's by far the best note keeping and project management tool I've ever seen.

Install Notion

11. Grammarly

Grammarly for Mac

English is not my native tongue, so Grammarly helps me a lot, making sense of my writing. And it's good at picking up nuances in my texts.

Install Grammarly

12. iA Writer

iA Writer for Mac

My blog is written in Markdown, and I use iA Writer to track my blog articles' cross-device. I start items on my Mac and will swap to my iPad or Phone sometimes to finish them.

Install iA Writer

13. Sketch

Sketch for Mac

Sketch is not my golden go to, but it's what I paid for and use for all my design stuff. Making banners, designs, and cropping images.

Install Sketch

14. Loom

Loom for Mac

Did you ever need to do a quick review or feedback visually? Loom is your guy! It's amazingly quick and fast to record a session.

Install Loom

15. OBS

OBS for Mac

If Loom is not sufficient enough, you can always go to OBS, an amazing tool to capture all kinds of screen recordings. It works super well and has so many options that it scares me sometimes.

Install OBS

What are you favourites?

Let me know on Twitter what your favourite apps for Mac are?

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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