JavaScript find() method


JavaScript find method, how it works and why you need it

29 Nov, 2020 · 1 min read

Today we are exploring the find() array method in JavaScript. I find this method very similar to the some() method.

It searches the array for a specific hit, but instead of returning a boolean, it will return the first match it finds.

Using the Javascript find() method

Let’s start by creating an array of items.

const items = [
  { name: 'T-shirt plain', price: 9 },
  { name: 'T-shirt print', price: 20 },
  { name: 'Jeans', price: 30 },
  { name: 'Cap', price: 5 },

Let’s find the first item that is under the price of 10.

const haveNames = items.find((item) => {
  return item.price < 10;

// { name: 'T-shirt plain', price: 9 }

This can also be written as a one-liner:

const found = items.find((item) => item.price < 10);

Some use cases could be the first blog post in the same category.

To see this in action, let’s say we are currently viewing this article:

const blog = {
  name: 'JavaScript find() method',
  category: 'javascript',

And we have an array of blog items like this:

const blogs = [
    name: 'CSS :focus-within',
    category: 'css',
    name: 'JavaScript is awesome',
    category: 'javascript',
    name: 'Angular 10 routing',
    category: 'angular',

Now we can use find() to get the first blog item related to our one (javascript based).

const related = blogs.find((item) => item.category === blog.category);

// { name: 'JavaScript is awesome', category: 'javascript' }

There you go, for example, using the find find() method in JavaScript.

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