10 games to learn JavaScript


Here are ten fantastic games to help you learn JavaScript

2 Dec, 2022 · 3 min read

We looked at 10 amazing games to learn CSS. And in this article, we’ll do the same for JavaScript.

Learning a language by playing games is super fun, and for some people, it’s a great way to understand the impact of the language visually.

Without further ado, here are ten fantastic games where you can learn JavaScript.

1. CodinGame

CodinGame to learn JavaScript

CodinGame is a multi-language platform where you can learn several languages, including JavaScript, by playing games.

The cool thing about it is that you can use it as a multiplayer game, which is excellent as you can compete against your friends or coworkers.

Play CodinGame

2. CodeCombat

CodeCombat to learn JavaScript

CodeCombat is an RPG (role-playing game) set up that teaches you web fundamentals and more. It’s extensive in the number of challenges and supports five languages, including JavaScript.

It offers a free option for all core levels and can upgrade to unlock more.

Play Code Combat

3. Untrusted

Untrusted to learn JavaScript

This is a fantastic concept of a console-like environment turned into an escape room. You’ll need to type JavaScript code to exit each level. It’s easy to start, and they provide some hints.

Play Untrusted

4. Codewars

Codewars JavaScript game

Codewars is a cool concept where you have to solve puzzles by filling out the blanks. It’s cool to discuss and see other people’s solutions. This makes it the perfect place to learn and grow your skills.

Play Codewars

5. JSRobot

JSRobot to learn JavaScript

JSRobot is a super cool game setup with a lot of background information. You have to type JavaScript to control the robot and clear the level. I enjoyed how well this game is executed.

Play JSRobot

6. JSDares

JSDares JavaScript games

JSDares is a super cool open-source game platform, so you get community-provided dares you have to solve.

They are small, so you can quickly do some in between or before starting your day.

Worth checking out this fantastic game platform to learn JavaScript.

Play JSDares

7. Screeps

Screeps to learn JavaScript

Screeps is a sandboxed game where you can control a colony by providing JavaScript code. It’s quite a cool concept, as you learn quite a few different aspects of JavaScript.

The cool part is that it’s massive and has infinite levels to play.

Try out Screeps

8. Crunchzilla

Crunchzilla learn by playing games

Crunchzilla is an excellent way for visual learners among us. It provides multiple levels of complexity where you can learn step by step.

I’d highly suggest this game to anyone wanting to visually understand the impact of specific code.

Check out Crunchzilla

9. Elevator Saga

Elevator saga JavaScript learning

Another excellent game is the elevator saga, where you learn how to transport people in a lift by writing JavaScript code.

It has many levels and exceptional documentation and solutions described in detail. You can keep improving this great challenge to make it more efficient.

Try out Elevator saga

10. CheckIO

CheckIO JavaScript game

CheckIO is an excellent text-based game with some fantastic graphics for the level indicators.

It has a cool feature where you can see all solutions, moving from the most efficient to the most creative.

This helps you to learn about the solution and what you could do to optimize it.

Try out CheckIO

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