Blog posts beat Twitter threads


Why blog posts are better than Twitter threads

13 Nov, 2021 · 2 min read

Hey everyone! Tech Twitter is a goldmine of information, spaces, and valuable threads about great topics!

However, they get lost. And they get lost quickly.

The one minute you see an excellent thread, the other minute you’/re like, ok, where did I see this fantastic piece of content again.

And it’s a shame. Some people choose only ever to publish these nuggets on Twitter.

But it’s not sustainable. It only shows up to a select audience the algorithm chooses, and then it dies out.

Why blogposts rock

On the other hand, blog posts can be used as evergreen material, which lives on your website forever.

And people can find them forever.

Heck, hundreds of people still see some of my most popular articles every day.

Another thing blog posts can have as an advantage is that they provide way more data. You can elaborate more on specific aspects of what you are explaining than in the short tweet threads.

So, stop writing Twitter threads?

No, please don’t!

Instead, try this:

Publish on a blog, and if you don’t have one create a free one on Hashnode. Now turn those articles into short Twitter threads for optimal engagement.

That, to me, is an optional flow, your content will live on your blog forever, and you still get the fantastic nuggets on Twitter that showcase what you learned shortly and concisely.

What are some of your favorite threads? Let me know on Twitter.

Thank you for reading, and let’s connect!

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