Are mistakes ok?


As a content creator can you make mistakes?

19 Apr, 2022 · 2 min read

Quite early on, while starting this journey, I realized perfection is not achievable as a blogger.

It has many reasons:

  • Tech stacks evolve
  • People have opinions
  • There are multiple correct ways
  • There are multiple wrong ways
  • Scenarios can be different
  • Context might be missing

While writing an article, which is static, you can include information that some people deem a mistake.

So how should we address these “mistakes”?

I tend to address them early on. It could include a specific version of the system the article is written for.

It could include a disclaimer that there are multiple ways of doing it, and this is just one of them.

I try not to get involved for opinions while writing an article about React for instance. Someone might address it and say Vue can do the same thing better.

It might be true or false, but it’s opinionated. And not what the article was about in the first place. So I thank the person for their comment and leave it there.

What about making actual mistakes?

We should not be scared to fail, and I love to believe my blog/writing is not a set-in-stone article. When people tell me I made a mistake that can happen, I investigate and address it. Often this results in writing a secondary essay explaining the mistake I made and how I solved it.

But you influence people?

This is, for me, the most challenging part. Yes, people read my blog and might be influenced by what I write.

But then again, is it expected always to write the perfect scenario?

Again, think about the reasons mentioned above. It might not even be wrong, but it is just missing some specific context not handled in this article.

And as always, I love to challenge people to try and find the best solution, not by reading one article or using one source. But by trying it, looking further, reading some more.

This will eventually give you a better understanding of what works for your scenario.

What do you think?

The main reason for writing this article is to get a conversation going.

What do you think about content creators making these “mistakes”?

Are they ok, or should every piece of content be absolute?

Thank you for reading, and let’s connect!

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