Weekend tip: Watch the Vue documentary

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Start the weekend with this developer tip! I really enjoyed watching the vue.js documentary, very inspirational.

The documentary shows how vue.js migrated from a fun project to a leaderboard framework in the JavaScript community.

I really like the fact that something you build for yourself turns into something that a million of people use everyday. All this is due to being a leader, pushing true and keeping true to what you want it to do.

Why side projects are important permalink

Side project are an important part of a developers lifecycle, not just because they can become the next vue.js but they allow you to experiment, try new languages and perhaps help you with personal issues.

How to find your own side project permalink

  1. Re-factor an old application, it's cool to rewrite something you did before, you know the ins and outs, but refactor them in a new language.

  2. Fix a problem you or your friends have... My girlfriend for example did not have a good bookkeeping tool that was free to use, so we are building her own one from scratch.

  3. Start a blog like this or personal blog, so you can keep busy by writing new content and improving the website.

  4. Work on your portfolio, even as developers these are important and define who we are, you can view mine here chrisbongers.com

  5. Try and replicate a dribbble shot in html/css/js, I will do some of these later but it's a very good exercise.

Let me know about your side projects permalink

Feel free to send me a message on Facebook or Twitter and let me know what side projects you are working on.