Vendure headless commerce - part 1


A first look at Vendure headless commerce solution

12 Dec, 2022 · 3 min read

A while ago, we started looking at Medusa as an alternative for a WooCommerce webshop, I’m still busy with this project, but in the meantime began looking at Vendure too.

At first, the website was a little bit of a letdown, and Medusa seemed to do a more appealing job at marketing itself. However, I quickly came back to this after giving it a try.

A big shoutout to the Vendure team, as they have been super helpful with all my requests and taking the time to help me set up.

In a couple of articles, we’ll be looking at Vendure and how we can set up a headless commerce system and link it to some storefronts.

What exactly is headless commerce?

You might be wondering, what is this headless commerce system?

It’s an e-commerce system, but it’s not tied to any specific frontend solution. In the case of Vendure, it’s focused on developers who love the modern web, and we see familiar names such as TypeScript, GraphQL, and NodeJS.

We get an out-of-the-box solid system that we can extend and modify to work with our other systems.

This benefit is that a developer can choose whatever frontend stack they want to work in, giving a lot of freedom. We can quickly hook up multiple solutions and languages to work with, even on the admin side.

What makes Vendure so great?

I started looking at Vendure because of how flexible their setup was. We get a lot of hooks we can use and a pretty large open-source community that is super helpful.

One of my main selling points was that they provide product variants with facets. I was particularly struggling with this on Medusa, and it worked great out of the box from Vendure.

The other real benefit was the number of storefronts we could hook into. I liked the Remix storefront a lot as I was exploring Remix in general (so this is very biased).

It also comes with many great options that need little to no modifications to make things change, and more in future articles.

What to expect

You might be interested in this process, so let’s discuss what to expect from the following articles.

  • We’ll set up the system with the admin interface
  • We’ll create a storefront
  • Importing data
  • Setting up products and facets
  • Attaching a CDN
  • Customizing Vendure
  • Deploying

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