Top 5 Password managers for Mac


Here are the 5 best password managers your should use for Mac

23 Jun, 2021 · 2 min read

The first thing I install is a password manager on every new device. I have so many accounts I want to keep safe and secure. The only way to do this is a good password manager.

Today’s article will walk you through my top 5 password managers for Mac.

TL;DR: I’m currently using 1Password as my password manager. It has an excellent user experience.

Why a password manager?

You might wonder why you should use a password manager, and I’ve written down some advantages that are trademarks of every password manager.

  • Safely store passwords and notes in a vault
  • Generate safe passwords on the fly
  • Watch passwords, keep track of leaked passwords

1 1Password

I’m currently using 1Password as my password manager for Mac and iPhone. To me, it has a lot of awesome features like:

1Password for Mac

  • Family account and vault
  • Travel mode (remove accounts for x time)
  • Two-factor for certain websites
  • Apps for all browsers and devices

1Password is a paid application and starts at $2.99 per month.

Check out 1Password

2 LastPass

At the company, we are using LastPass, and it’s a good second choice for me personally as well. It’s less focused on UX to me, as it can be annoying to find a password on the fly. But some really good features are:

LastPass for Mac

  • Local Encryption
  • Great team management
  • Emergency backup
  • Apps for all browsers and devices
  • Dark web monitoring

LastPass has a free mode, so great option to start with.

View LastPass for Mac

3 Dashlane

Dashlane is a super popular free-tiered option as your new password manager. The app is very good at analyzing current password strengths and advice on upgrades. You can even set up a VPN to keep your online activities safe. It also has the following features:

Dashlane for Mac

  • Auto logins
  • Alert for account breaches
  • Emergency contact mode
  • VPN wifi protection
  • U2F authentication

Get Dashlane for Mac

4 Bitwarden

This free option has unlimited storage, which is unheard of for these kinds of systems. Premium will come with even more advantages like:

Bitwarden for Mac

  • Family plan
  • Password analysis
  • Secure file sharing
  • Open-source

Get bitwarden now

5 Keeper

And the last option is keeper, which comes as a fair prices option. Very focusses on breach detection so you won’t get held with ransomware attacks. It comes with a lot of cool features that include:

Keeper for Mac

  • BreachWatch, alert for breaches
  • Encrypted private messenger
  • Import existing passwords
  • Password sharing

Try out Keeper

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