Next 13 - Journey so far


My impressions on Next 13 so far, and what to expect in the future

16 Nov, 2022 Β· 2 min read

Many of the side things in Next 13 are still developing, and the docs are still being created. I wanted to stop our journey here for a while.

We had a great introduction to the new routing and layouts in Next 13.

Journey so far

I’d like to share my experience with my vision of the new Next and how I experienced it.

And to be frankly honest, I’m super hyped. I love that they when for a close-to-native development. And that we get more of island architecture.

This allows us to minimize the output to the client and make our components smaller and more individually responsible.

There are quite a few question marks as well on how certain things should work according to their best practices, and I hope we get some answers and guidance on those soon.


I’m keen to see some more intertwined actions via hooks. For instance, data needs input from another component (filtering a list).

Or more guidance on mutating data via updates, for instance.

You can expect some more articles on that soon.

I also expect to keep seeing more and more optimizations on the front-end side. We recently saw the font package being added, which is one great step forward. It’s very likely to see embeds or videos as one of the next ones.

What would you like to see?

With that, I want to ask you what you would like to see covered or built into Next 13.

I would love to hear and discuss this with you all.

You can reach out on Twitter or if you received the newsletter by responding to that. ❀️

Thank you for reading, and let’s connect!

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