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Another great thing that Ionic comes with out of the box is the ability to generate resources. Meaning we can super easily create a splash screen and app icon. We don't have to create every size possible for the billions of devices sizes we have nowadays.

Make sure your project is prepared for Cordova, run the following command: ionic cordova prepare

Ionic Preparing the Assets permalink

Let's start by preparing the assets.

For the App icon, we can prepare an image that is at least 1024x1024px. The source for the splash screen must be at least 2732x2732px.

They must be places in the following folder:

  • Icon - resources/icon.png - (min 1024x1024px)
  • Splash - resources/splash.png - (min 2732x2732px)

For the best results, the splash screen's art should fit inside a square that's 1200x1200px within the bigger one.

Ionic has this PSD splash template.

Platform Specific Resources permalink

We can also generate platform-specific images, for instance, if your Android icon is different from the IOS one.

For this we add a second layer of folder;

  • Icon - resources/{platform}/icon.png
  • Splash - resources/{platform}/splash.png

Where {platform} can we ios or android.

Ionic Generate Resources permalink

To create the actual resources, run the following command in the root of the project.

ionic cordova resources

This command will update your config.xml with the newly generated resources.

We can also generate only iOS resources:

ionic cordova resources ios

Or, just the android ones:

ionic cordova resources android

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