I made my website 28ms faster with content-visibility

What is this content-visibility about even?

24 Sep, 2020 繚 2 min read

You might think, what is 28ms? If you are a big advocate of speeding up the web and getting perfect scores on Eleventys speedlify dashboard, its a lot!

Not that I was doing bad, as you can see in the screenshot below. I just wanted to get full 100s and get the full potential out of my website.

Speedlify score Daily Dev Tips

Making use of content-visibility

I read about this CSS property a while ago. But never got round to implementing and testing it. That is until today, so lets see what it actually does.

The content-visibility has three values we can use:

  • visible (no effect, basically how it was before)
  • hidden (a mix between display: none and visibility: hidden, it starts on display hidden, afterwords becomes visibility hidden)
  • auto (This is the one we are looking at. It will only render this element once the browser needs it!)

So how can we add it to elements?

.element {
  content-visibility: auto;

Ive added this on my homepage to the article-list and footer elements.

Before content-visibility

To give you a better understanding, I did a lighthouse test before these changes.

Before content-visibility

But more important is the actual trace where we can check the total time.

Lighthouse trace

After adding content-visibility

And then, after adding the content-visibility to those two elements, Ive rerun the test.

Before content-visibility

And the trace:

Lighthouse trace

That means it was 443ms and is now 415ms, which means + 28ms win!

Conclusion: There is no downside to not adding the auto one. It can only benefit your website, even the small numbers matter.

Making sub-pages faster

I even added my content-visibility on the post pages, where the main content is set to auto.

The following screenshot is a before rendering:

Before content-visibility

And this is the after rendering:

After content-visibility

As you can see, it improved my score overall. And adding content-visibility made the Time to Interactive 1.1s faster.

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