How long should blog articles be


How long should your blog articles actually be?

14 Jul, 2022 · 3 min read

When you start exploring the blogging world, mainly technical writing, you’ll encounter this question often.

Some questions that might pop up on your journey:

From your perspective, you might be wondering how long it should be to rank better.

If you write for other publications, they tell you it should be at least 1500 or 2000 words.

And you might be exploring other articles and see various lengths, which might confuse you about what is best.

But how long should your articles be?

The simple answer

Make your article as long as it needs to be to explain the solution.

To me, it’s absolute nonsense that a blog should be x amount of words to rank. Trust me on this one, I have 250+ number one ranking articles, and they are “short”.

This is old-school thinking and often by those articles that still suggest meta keywords are a thing (and no, they are not).

I know what you are thinking, but you are a simple tech blogger, not an SEO expert. And that’s right, but I’m also a stubborn simple tech blogger.

I do what I think works best, which has not been disappointing so far.

What does matter?

I’ve noticed the only thing that matters with content these days is: “Does the user like it”.

I’m stating “like it” as it can be a range of situations.

  • Your article is fun to read, so people read till the end
  • Your article solves an issue, and the person is happy
  • Your article clears some thoughts, and they agree

I don’t particularly know how Google knows when these are true, but it seems they do.

It could be the person stops searching for specific terms, and google has understood your article has helped them with that.

Note: The above is just a brain dump, not proven

But, I can tell you that you should focus on making the user experience enjoyable.

To me, that means giving people an answer to a question. But for some, it might be to explain how something works in detail. Or perhaps even tell your story in your own words.


How long should blog articles be? “As long as it takes, to make it enjoyable”.

A very vague answer, but stick to writing what you think is the correct amount to explain what you are describing. Don’t try and fill your articles with words that don’t add anything.

In my vision, there is no minimum but also no maximum words for blog articles. There are only enjoyable articles and non-enjoyable articles.

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