CSS Double Border Radius


A deep dive into the border-radius property

5 Jun, 2020 · 2 min read

Yesterday we looked into making rounded corners on our boxes and even circles with border-radius. My good friend svondervoort replied you could use double border-radius. And he is right. I even used it in my Totoro example.

So why not dive into how you use the double border-radius syntax.

HTML Structure

As for the HTML let’s keep it simple and use one big box.

<div class="box rounded"></div>

Then let’s dive into the syntax, it basically accepts two times the code split with a slash.

.rounded {
  border-radius: 40% 40% 30% 30% / 60% 60% 40% 40%;

We can use percentages and pixels.

It gets quite complicated I find to do these things from the top of your head, but luckily Adam Kuhn made this awesome playground to ease this.

See the Pen Border-Radius Playground by Adam Kuhn (@cobra_winfrey) on CodePen.

You can also view my example on Codepen.

See the Pen CSS Double Border Radius by Chris Bongers (@rebelchris) on CodePen.

Browser Support

The border-radius is very well supported, and can safely be used.

border-radius support

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