Adding Netlify redirects to an Eleventy site

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Hey guys, a "weird" tutorial for today. You might think ok adding some 301 redirects can't be so difficult, but the combination of Netlify and Eleventy has some quirks to it.

Normally redirects would happen, in for example, an .htaccess file. In the case of Netlify, they want us to create a _redirects file.

Alright, simple enough.

Let's add a _redirects file to our Eleventy project.

But here comes the difficulty: Eleventy won't output _ prefixed files.

How to add redirects to an Eleventy site on Netlify permalink

So how do we add Netlify redirects to our Eleventy blog?

I'm going to showcase my approach, there might be more sides to this, but for me just needing a 301 redirect this worked perfectly:

I've added the _redirects file to my src and the content looks like this:

/posts/javascript-map-function/ /posts/javascript-map-method/ 301
/posts/javascript-reduce-function/ /posts/javascript-reduce-method/ 301
/posts/javascript-filter-function/ /posts/javascript-filter-method/ 301

As you can see I decided to rename function to method, since it's correct that way.

Now if we deploy it, this file would not be passed through. So open the .eleventy.js file and adjust as follows:

module.exports = function (config) {
//All other stuff

// Passthrough copy
// All other passthroughs

return {
dir: {
input: 'src',
output: 'dist',
passthroughFileCopy: true,

As you can see, my setup is to take from the src directory and output to the dist directory. This might be different from your setup, so be aware of making changes to the folder names.

Where the magic happens is this code:


Here we tell Eleventy to add the src/_redirects file to our output folder (which is the dist folder).

If we then run the deployment, Netlify deploy center will show the that the redirect rules are processed:

Netlify eleventy 301 _redirects

Cool, we now have three redirects set up for Eleventy on Netlify!

You can also do the same for the _headers file if you need that.

See the redirect in action by opening the following URL:

301 redirect

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